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Egypt to England
January 16, 1916

This interesting "On Active Service" picture post card was made
for use by Australian troops deployed abroad during World War I.
The front includes a 'Stamps Not Available' notation where the stamp would usually be placed.
It was cancelled with a CDS indicating the Base Army Post Office.
Note also the 'Safe Arrival' cartoon on the front.

In reading the message it appears that this card was sent by
a British soldier who had been deployed to the Middle Eastern Force.
The deployment and the adventures of theSheffield City Batallion
on that voyage of the H. M. T. Nestor can be seen here

The rear has a picture of the H. M. T. Nestor, which was likely the ship which transported these troops.
The message is datelined Aloexandria, 14/1/16.

All in all, an intriguing item even without stamps.

*Thanks to Jim W-S for pointing out the facts of the message and to
Phil for his fabulous find of the Sheffield City Batallion deployment.


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