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British Solomon Islands to England
January 14, 1938

This is a simple, registered cover sent from one of those places which kept the sun aloft over the British Empire.
The three stamps are the 1p, 1p, and 3p which form the Coronation Issue from 1937 (Scott 64-66).
There are three single rim CDS with an indecipherable (to me, at least) post office name and BRITISH SOLOMON IDS.
The registry label looks like GIZO in B. S. I. P. (British Solomon Islands Protectorate).
Gizo Post Office was opened in 1907, suspended in 1942 and declared officially closed on 1 April 1946.
It reopened on 21 February 1949.*

Guadacanal is one of the Solomon Islands.

Not much else to say about this one.

* Thanks to Paul Barsdell for the notes on the Gizo Post Office.


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