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Union of South Africa to Canada
January 14, 1926

This registered cover originated in Springfontein about 130 km south of Bloemfontein.
Its destination was Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, a distance of over 9000 miles away.

It was franked with three George V stamps from the
1912-24 issue and a Springbok from the 1926 issue.
There are two 2d. dull purple and one 3d. ultramarine George V (SG 6 and 9).
The 1d. black and carmine Springbok had just been issued on January 2, 1926 (SG 31).

Registration was noted by an oddly placed registration handstamp
with a script serial number and crayoned crosses on front and rear.

I'm not sure of the significance of the reddish 'Settled'
and check mark added near the registration stamp.*

The cover received 5 double circle CDS from Springfontein.
There appears to be a transit mark on the rear probably from London however it is illegible.

On arrival in Winnipeg sometime in February, it
was found that the letter was damaged and open.
The cover was sealed with a tape seal and tied with a Winnipeg handstamp.*

There are three Winnipeg CDS on the rear.

The cover then provided scratch paper for the recipient.*

*Jim Whitford-Stark suggests that the extra marks can all be explained
as a response to contents lost when the cover became open.
The calculations were used to determine the value of the missing 'stamps' and
the Settled and checkmark indicated that the Post Office had paid for the loss.
We don't know if  this is right but it does make a good story.


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