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Sweden Used Abroad - Saar
January 13, 1935

This is an interesting registered cover sent from a member of the Swedish peacekeeping force
provided to support the League of Nations in the conduct of the Saar plebiscite in 1935.

The Saar plebiscite had its genesis in the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I.
During negotiations, the Saar, an important, mostly German-speaking, coal mining region
which had been the object of French desire for many decades, had been ceded to the French.
President Wilson argued against this and led to a compromise which
changed the annexation into a temporary mandate under the auspices of the League
with a plebiscite to determine who governed the Saar at the end of 15 years.

In 1934, Nazi German threats concerning the impending plebiscite
prompted a League decision on December 8, 1934, to send peacekeepers to the region
to support the Governing Commission of the Saar Territory.
The Swedish levy was 250 troops.  Hence, this cover.
Note:  the plebiscite found 90% favoring return to German rule.

The cover has six stamps from the January 10, 1935, issue
honoring the 500th Anniversary of the Swedish Parliament.
Included are the 5c, 10c, and 15c perforated varieties and
the 25c, 35c, and 60c coil varieties (Scott 239-241, 245-247).

There are 6 Swedish Battalion  - Saar CDSs on the 6 stamps.
Note also the printed registry label.
Printing registry labels for 250 troops seems a bit much.

The addressee apparently moved so the cover had to be forwarded.
I think the move was within Stockholm, however I can't decipher the original
destination to tell whether the correction was to a street or another town.


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