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Austria to Germany
January 13, 1921

Everyone is familiar with the hyperinflation which struck Germany after World War I.
Less well known is the inflation which affected much of the rest of Eastern Europe.
This cover reflects the onset of inflation in Austria.
Inflation was clearly on its way at this time.

This registered cover, which originated in Salzburg,  consumed 435 heller postage.

The stamps were all from 1919 to 1920 issues of the new republic.
The small Arms design is found in the 5 h gray and the 10 h red (Scott 202 and 205).
The Post Horn design is found in 15 h bister,  25 h violet,
and the 50 h olive green imperf (Scott 2074, 210, and 235).
The New Republic Allegory design is found in the 20 h dark green, the 30 h dark brown,
the 40 h lake, and the 50 h dark blue (Scott 208, 211, 216, and 215).
The large Arms design is represented by the 80 h.
 Rose and the 1 k black brown (Scott 238 and 239).

The destination was Frankfurt am Mein.
The distance is about 410 km.


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