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United States Domestic Usage
January 11, 1846

This stampless folded letter was sent from Charleston, South Carolina to New York City.

The letter would have been transported 547 miles on Mail Route No. 2 to
Washington, D.C., and then 226 miles on to New York via Mail Route No. 1.
The total of 773 miles exceeded 300 miles therefore the letter was rated at 10 for oz.
This rate was in effect from July 1, 1845, to July 1, 1851.

It was prepaid and stamped PAID and 10.
Normally, red stamps indicated collect rates; however,
the PAID would have overridden the red collect indicator.

There is a single Charleston CDS.

The docketting at the left indicates receipt by the addressee on January 14.
I suspect that today's service is probably only one day better.


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