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Lithuania Domestic Usage
January 11, 1934

This registered cover was mailed from Kaunas about 80 km northwest of Vilnius.
It was addressed to Silale (with an inverted caret over the S and a dot over the e).
Silale is about 75 km northwest of Kaunas on a line to Klaipeda (dot over the e) on the Baltic.

I guess that Apdraustas in the upper left corner meant Register.
Registration was indicated by the boxed red registry stamp.
It looks like the 848 serial number was added in black.

There are three Kaunas CDS.

Note the return address printed in the lower left corner.

The cover is franked with two 50 centai green
Lithuania rising from the ruins issued in 1933-34 (Scott 281)
and a 20 centai dark brown, orange and dull red airmail portraying Grand
 Duke Vytautas and an airplane over Kaunas (Scott C43).
The airmail commemorated the 500th anniversary of the death of the Grand Duke.
(I cannot explain why an airmail would have been used for only 75 km.)


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