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France to England
January 10, 1803

Today is the 201st birthday of the arrival of this folded letter in London!
Happy Bicentennial + One!

The arrival was noted by the Foreign [Post] Office date stamp.
Note also the wax seal.

The addressee of this missive appears to be something like
His Excellency, Monsieur the Marquis de Douglas (Earl of Douglas)
To the Attention of Messrs. Hoares Bankers
Fleet Street London.
Hoares is the oldest surviving privately owned bank in England.*

  The rate markings seem indecisive.
One marking, probably the first, appears to have been 8d.
This marking was crossed out and a 1/2d marking was added.
This, too, seems to have been corrected to 1/4d.

*Thanks to Jim W-S for the translation and the comments regarding the rate markings.


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