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Egypt to France
January 9, 1899

This neat registered postal stationery was mailed in Cairo.

The 2m stationery was uprated with stamps to meet the 20m registry rate to France.
There are three 5m carmine rose and one 3m orange-yellow from
the Pyramid and Sphinx issue of 1888-1909 (SG 61a and 63).

There are four strikes of the CAIRE CDS used for mail going abroad.

There is also a rectangular registration stamp with space for a script serial number.
The script serial number was placed below.

The destination was Chalon-sur-Saˇne in Saˇne-et-Loire.
Chalon-sur-Saˇne is about 55 km south of Dijon in east central France.

There is a smudgy Chalon receiver on the back but the date of arrival is illegible.

The addressee was a banker - those fellows get all the registered mail!


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