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British Honduras to United States
January 6, 1928

The subtitle for this page is "Monkey Wards from Monkey River!"
(For those unfamiliar with Montgomery Ward & Co., this
huge mail-order retailer, now defunct, was nicknamed Monkey Wards.)

As noted before in these pages, Montgomery Ward & Co. in Chicago
had an active export business serving Caribbean Islands.

As a child, the Montgomery Ward catalog was a wonder of opportunity.
Anything you could want was in there somewhere (well, almost anything).
It made consumers of us all.
The Christmas Catalog had all the toys a child ever wanted.
It was also a fount of instant information on sizes, shapes,
prices, and technical information on all kinds of products.
It was really a shopper's delight.

This is another example of a registered letter from Monkey River
being forwarded to Chicago for fulfillment by the Export Department.

Monkey River is on the Gulf of Honduras at the west side of
the Caribbean Sea about 140 km south of Belize City.
British Honduras is now Belize.

The order was sent in a 3c George V registry envelope.
A preprinted registry label for Monkey River was added.
There is also a straight-line REGISTERED
handstamp added - probably in the United States.

There are four strikes of the Monkey River CDS.

Two 1926 2c rose carmine George V stamps were added to complete the rate.


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