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Ecuador to France
January 6, 1909

This cover is interesting not only for the origin and destination but also for the franking.

In addition to the 5c of the 1907 presidents series (Josť M. Urvino in lilac rose and black - Scott 169)
it also has three 2c revenue stamps.
Similar stamps had been surcharged for postal use before (1903-06)
but the revenues were higher denominations.

I don't really know but I would expect that the use of revenue stamps was an economy measure
and it was probably easier (and cheaper) to just let the low values be used as is. (See Note)

I cannot interpret the departure CDS.  Anyone else? (See Note)
The cover arrived at the Paris Distribution station on January 20.
Note also the 'Via New York' routing.
There is probably a New York transit mark on the back of this cover.

All in all, a nice postal history item.
Note: I received a note from K. Zwart from the Netherlands who informed me that this letter was sent from the town of Ambato in the Andes about 110 km SSW of Quito and 200 km NE of Guayaquil.  Postage stamp shortages were chronic and often they resorted to the use of revenue stamps.

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