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Romania - Internal Use
January 3, 1872

This folded letter was posted in Galati and prepaid to its destination [boxed P.D.] in Ruschuk.
Galati is about 125 km northeast of Bucharest.
Ruschuk, now Ruse, is on the Danube about 75 km south of Bucharest.

The stamps are nice copies of the imperforate Prince Carol stamps.
There is one 10 bani blue of 1871-72 (Scott 45) and a pair of the 15 bani vermilion of 1869 (Scott 40).

The cancel is a single circle CDS with a small 8-point star at the bottom.
The cover is also marked with a stamped corner card from the sender.
There are two small crossroads symbols in the corner card stamp.


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