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French Southern and Antarctic Lands to United States
January 1, 1961

This registered cover was postmarked in Adelie Land in Antarctica.
From the left to the right, the stamps are: 1959 30c blue, green and red brown light-mantled sooty albatross (Scott 12),
1959 40c black, red brown, and blue skua (Scott 13), 1956 10f indigo elephant seal (Scott 6),
 1956 100fr dull blue and indigo emperor penguin airmail (Scott C2), and 1959 12f light blue and black Kerguelen cormorant (Scott 14).

The link above says the population is sparse and only researchers and small military garrison;
however, Scott lists 211 regular issues and 135 airmails from 1955 through 1995.
Do you suppose that philatelists are an important source of income?

Surprisingly, it was addressed to within 20 miles of where I live.
Delivery of the registered mail was attempted on February 16, 1961, but
the addressee was unavailable so the mail went back to the Post Office.


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