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New Zealand to England
January 1, 1901

This is a first day of issue commemorative postal card for the 1901
1d carmine Commerce stamp issued on January 1, 1901, (SG 277).
It is postmarked with a single triple rim CDS in Wellington.

Notice the addressee.*
I wonder if he was a stamp collector?

Unfortunately, we don't have the message side.

*Malcolm Hirst sent me this nice paragraph on 'the First Lord of the Admiralty':

This is the title of one of the ruling body of the Royal Navy.  The body was made up of the Lords of the Admiralty (politicians) and Sea Lords (senior naval officers) who made and executed policy.  Note they were not necessarily Peers of the Realm (Lords, Dukes etc.) although historically they usually were.  The "First Lord" is loosely the Managing Director.  Official reports and correspondence to the Admiralty would normally be addressed to the relative Lord (each of whom had specific responsibility) or to the Lords in the plural if the relevant person were not known.  This letter was probably written by a civilian who wished to gain the ear of "The Top Dog".  Of course all this changed when we aquired a unified Ministry of Defence.


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