Philatelic Literature Recommendations
by members
of the eBay Users Stamp Club

Presented at meeting on December 15, 1999

Part II

I have made an editor's decision on a few items and decided that "close is good enough."  I have generally not specified printing years and publishers to avoid even greater difficulties in "getting it right."  Any corrections will be welcomed.  There is a link to a separate page of Italian literature recommendations by Paolo Bagaglia.  There is a link to Part I at the bottom of the page.


Corrain, Aibhe O. Corrain, Ailbhe O. Mac Mathuna, Seamus English-Irish Irish-English/Bearla-Gaeilge Gaeilge-Bearla

German Philatelic Society, German-English Philatelic Dictionary (1992)

Michel Deutschland-Spezial-Katalog Michel Deutschland-Spezial-Katalog (annual); Michel Europa-Katalog (3 volumes: Eastern Europe, Western Europe A-L, Western Europe M-Z); Ubersee-Katalogs; Band 1 North and Central America (Nord und Mittelamerika); Band 2 Caribbean Islands (Karibische Inseln); Band 3 South America (Sudamerika); Band 4 North and East Africa (Nord und ostafrika); Band 5 West Africa (Wesafrika); Band 6 South and Central Africa (Sud und zentralafrika); Band 7 Australia, Oceania, Antarctica (Australien, Ozeanien, Antarktis); Band 8 South and Southeast Asia (Sud und sudostasien); Band 9 Middle and East Asia (Mittel und ostasien); Band 10 Middle East (Naher Osten)

Minkus Minkus New World Wide Stamp Catalog - Vol 1, 1981 (There may be more recent editions available.)

Sanabria, Nicolas, Co., Inc. Standard catalogue of air post stamps / Sanabria's air post catalogue (There are several other versions of this catalogue)

Scott Publishing Co. Scott Classic Stamp Catalogue 2000 Edition (covers issues of the whole world through 1940 – more accurate and detailed than regular Scott catalogues)

Scott Publishing Co. Scott Specialized Catalogue of U.S. Stamps & Covers 2000 Edition

Scott Publishing Co. Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog 2000 Edition  Vol 1 U.S., U.N., Countries, A-B; Vol 2 Balance of the World, C-F; Vol 3 Balance of the World, G-I; Vol 4 Balance of the World, J-O; Vol 5 Balance of the World, P-Slo; Vol 6 Balance of the World, Sol-Z.

Stanley Gibbons Catalogues:  General Catalogues: Part 1 British Commonwealth (in two volumes;Vol 1 Gr. Brit, A-J; Vol 2 K-G) (the “Red”); Part 2 Austria and Hungary; Part 3 Balkans; Part 4 Benelux; Part 5 Czechoslovakia and Poland; Part 6 France; Part 7 Germany; Part 8 Italy and Switzerland; Part 9 Portugal and Spain; Part 10 Russia; Part 11 Scandinavia; Part 12 Africa since independence A-E; Part 13 Africa since independence F-M; Part 14 Africa since independence N-Z; Part 15 Central America; Part 16 Central Asia; Part 17 China; Part 18 Japan and Korea; Part 19 Middle East; Part 20 South America; Part 21 South-East Asia; Part 22 USA; Stamps of the World (simplified, 3 vols.); Empire Catalogue (3 Vols, British Commonwealth only, 1840-1936); Great Britain concise catalogue 2000

Stanley Gibbons Catalogues:  Stanley Gibbons Great Britian Specialized Catalog Vol. 1: Victoria 1997; Vol. 2: The Kings 1996; Vol. 3: Q.E. pre-dec 1998; Vol. 4: Q.E. decimals 1997; Vol. 5: Q.E. decimals 1998

Yvert Et Tellier Tome 1 France; Tome 2 French-Speaking Countries; Tome 3 Western Europe; Tome 4 Eastern Europe; Tome 5 Rest of World A-H; Tome 6 Rest of World I-Z

Yvert Et Tellier Catalogue specialise des timbres de France (France Specialized) 2 Vols. Tome I. 1849-1900 -- Tome II.
XXe siecle (1re partie)  (out of print and hard to find but highly recommended)

British Commonwealth:

Aguilar, E.F. The philatelic handbook of Jamaica

Aguilar, E.F. The philatelic handbook of Jamaica Vol.Two

Heijtz, Stefan Specialised stamp catalogue of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies including postal history and cancellations,
1800-1996, with British Antarctic Territory, and now also paper money, coins and telephone cards

Gibbons, Stanley, Limited Stanley Gibbons colour guide for stamp collectors

Lowe, Robson Encyclopaedia of British Empire postage stamps, 1661-1947. Vol. I. Great Britain and the Empire in Europe (The)

Lowe, Robson Encyclopaedia of British Empire postage stamps, 1806-1948. Vol. II. The Empire in Africa (The)

Lowe, Robson Encyclopaedia of British Empire postage stamps, 1775-1950. Vol. III. The Empire in Asia (The)

Lowe, Robson Encyclopaedia of British Empire postage stamps, 1788-1952. Vol. IV. The Empire in Australasia (The)

Lowe, Robson Encyclopaedia of British Empire postage stamps 1639-1952. Vol. V. The Empire in North America (The)

Lowe, Robson Encyclopaedia of British Empire postage stamps 1639-1952. Vol. VI. The Leeward Islands (The)

Montgomery, Malcolm Beresford The postage rates of the North Atlantic mails (1635-1950) : the inland and ocean postage rates applied to letters between the United Kingdom and North America

Nicholson, M.P. Stamps & postal history of the Niger Territories and the Niger Coast Protectorate (The)

Potter, W.J.W. The printings of King George VI colonial stamps in Table form

Pratt, R.W. Ed. Proud, E. B. The Postal History of British Aden 1839-1967

Rosenblum, Alec A. The stamps of Tonga : handbook

Samuel, Marcus Specimen stamps of the Crown Colonies 1857-1948

Yang, N.C. Postage stamp catalogue of Hong Kong

Yemen: Bruce Conde's articles were recommended as the best sources of information concerning Yemen. Here is a link to A Listing of Many of Bruce Conde's Articles about Yemen


Boggs, Winthrop S. Postage stamps and postal history of Canada (The)

Boggs, Winthrop S. The postage stamps and postal history of Newfoundland, with a reference list for collectors

Colbeck, Percy G. Hampson, Maurice F. The Royal Canadian Naval Postal History 1939-1945 3 Vols.

Ludlow, Lewis M. Catalogue of Canadian railway cancellations and related transportation postmarks annexes and supplements

Marler, George C. Canada : the Admiral Issue, 1911-1925

Moffatt, W.G. / Hansen, Glenn / Whitehead, Alfred Squared circle postmarks of Canada (The)

Standard Canada precancel catalogue / Walburn, H.G. / Kraemer, J.E. / Reiche, Hans Standard Canada precancel catalogue

Unitrade specialized catalogue of Canadian stamps Unitrade specialized catalogue of Canadian stamps ; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Vancouver Island, Newfoundland / Scott specialized catalogue of Canadian stamps ;
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Vancouver Island, Newfoundland

Wellburn, Gerald E Wallace, Jack Eaton, Daniel L Postage stamps & postal history of Colonial Vancouver Island & British Columbia, 1849-1871 : the Gerald Wellburn collection (The).

Woodall, Robert G. Postal history of Yukon Territory, Canada (The)

Great Britain:

Booth, R.G. Catalogue of the revenue stamps of the U.K., Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Eire (A)

Brown, Roland Fisher, Harold W Plating of the penny, 1840-1864 : a tabulation of the measurerd positions of the check-letters and other relevant data arranged for easy plate identification (The)

Danzig, Robert Goldsmith, David Cancellations of the 1841 Penny Red (The)

Litchfield, Percy C. Guide lines to the Penny Black : a detailed description of each one of the 2880 stamps and the plates from which it was printed

Lord Byron Stamps - GBCC Handbook of British Philately for the intermediate collector. Handbook of British philately for the intermediate collector. Sections: 1.1 a-c   Queen Victoria; 1.4-1.8   Kings; 1.9 A-B  QE II Definitives to 1981; 1.10  QE II Commemoratives to 1970; 1.11    Officials (QV and KE VII);  1.12    Postage Dues; 1.15  Booklets to 1985; 1.16  Coils; Appendices; Numeral Cancels - 1844-1906 (as follows): CE   Numeral Cancels - England only;   CS   Numeral Cancels - Scotland only; C   Numeral Cancels - Ireland only; CW   Numeral Cancels - Wales; UA Numeral Cancels, Used Abroad; Other;  D Postal Stationery to 1970; E Margin Control Marks. (Sections are sold separately.)

Lowe, Robson British postage stamps of the 19th century

Myall, D.G.A. The complete Deegam Machin handbook New Edition 1996 updated by Deegam Reports made available to members of the Great Britain Collectors Club USA and Machin Interest Group of the Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle. Also, the Oct. 1999 First Supplement to this edition

Negus, James Skinner, James Connoisseur catalogue of Machin printings : a guide to the printings of Machin head stamps of Great Britain including regional issues of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with full details of cylinder blocks and decimal postage dues (The) (other similar titles)

Rosen, Gerald Catalogue of British Postal Strike stamps

The Royal Philatelic Society of London The Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era, 1837 to 1864 The definitive account (2 Vols. To be published in 2000)

Staff, Frank Transatlantic mail (The)

Whitney, J.T. Peachey, Colin G. Crookes, V. Brian Collect British postmarks : the handbook to British postal markings and their values


Beech, Colin The Redhead

Brown, Alan G. Campbell, Hugh M. New South Wales numeral cancellations

Brusden-White Australian Commonwealth specialists' catalogue (The) The Australian Commonwealth specialists' catalogue / The Commonwealth
specialists' catalogue

Campbell, Hugh M. South Australian numeral cancellations

Campbell, Hugh M. Queensland postal history

Capill, Patricia E. Robinson, Alfred John New Zealand squared circle cancellations Squared circle cancellations of New Zealand

Collins, R.J.G. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Vol. I

Collins, R.J.G. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Vol. II

Collins, R.J.G. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Vol. III

Collins, R.J.G. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Vol. IV

Collins, R.J.G. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Volume V. The stamps and postal history of the Pacific Islands under New Zealand administration, Samoa and the Ross Dependency

[Collins, R.J.G.] / Naish, D.E.G. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Volume VI

[Collins, R.J.G.] / McNaught, K.J. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Volume VII. New Zealand postal history, 1820 to 1874

[Collins, R.J.G.] Vincent, Brian G. The postage stamps of New Zealand. Vol. VIII

Frew, Joan Queensland Post Offices 1842 - 1980 & Receiving Offices 1869 - 1927

Hull, A.F. Basset Royal Philatelic Society, London. The postage stamps, envelopes, wrappers, post cards and telegraph stamps of New
South Wales ; edited, with additional articles and notes by the Publication Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society, London. 2 vols.

Hull, A.F. Basset The Postage stamps, envelopes, wrappers, post cards and telegraph forms of Queensland

Hutson, Guybon John The stamps of New South Wales

Juhl, Mogens Postage stamps and postal history of Western Australia Vol I The De La Rue Printings 1862-1900; Vol II The Melbourne Printings 1902-1912; Volume III The Colonial Postmarks, 1829-1901

Kellow, Geoff N. The stamps of Victoria

Lawson, Gerald New Zealand Universal town dies, 1925-1984

McCleary, David Australian Decimal Varieties (Several ? Looseleaf Vols.)

Overton, Rodney A catalogue of squared circle postmarks of South Australia

Paterson, Campbell Campbell Paterson's (loose leaf) catalogue of New Zealand stamps : a permanent, adjustable guide for collectors
of New Zealand stamps from 1855 to the present day / Catalogue of New Zealand stamps

Philatelic Society of South Australia James, N.R. Postage stamps of South Australia (The)

Philatelic Association of New South Wales (Philas) Hopson, N. C.  Tobin, R. New South Wales and ACT, Post, Receiving, Telegraph & Telephone Offices (4 Vols.)

Pope, Brian Western Australia : the 4d lithograph, 1854-1864

Pope, Brian Western Australia : the postal stationery to 1914

Pope, Brian, Ed. Western Australia : the slogan postmarks to 1983

Pope, Mavis Stamp forgeries of: Colonies and States of Australia "This volume is comprised of the combination of the four monographs 'Stamp forgeries of ...' - New South Wales 2nd ed. 1995; Queensland, South Australia & Tasmania. 1992; Victoria. 1991; Western Australia. 1993."

Pope, Mavis Stamp forgeries of New South Wales

Pope, Mavis Stamp forgeries of Queensland; South Australia, Tasmania

Pope, Mavis Stamp forgeries of Victoria

Pope, Mavis Stamp forgeries of Western Australia

Western Australia Study Group; Pope, Brian  Western Australia : the postal markings illustrated

Western Australia Study Group; Hamilton, Margaret Pope, Brian  Western Australia, the stamps and postal history : a guide to its philately

Purves, J.R.W. Campbell, H.M. Viney, L.C. Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Tasmania : the postal history and postal markings 2 Vols.

Purves, J.R.W. South Australia, the long stamps of 1902 - 1912, a study in surface-printing

Purves, J.R.W. Victoria : 1901-12 issue : the 1 1/2 d., 2 d. and 2 1/2 d. values

Purves, J.R.W. Victoria : 1901-12 Issues : the 3d, 4d, and 5d values

Purves, J.R.W. Victoria : the "barred numeral" cancellations, 1856-1912 and the post offices which used them

Purves, J.R.W. Victoria : the "Butterfly" and "Barred oval" cancellations 1850-1855 : the problem of their allocation to post offices using them

Purves, J.R.W. Victoria : the postage dues, background and foreground

Purves, J.R.W. Victoria : the "registered" and "too late" stamps 1854-58 : report on a major breakthrough

Purves, J.R.W. Victoria : the travelling post offices and their markings, 1865-1912

Purves, J.R.W. The Half-lengths of Victoria

Tinsley, Walton Eugene Stamps and postal history of Tasmania


A comprehensive and well-annotated list of literature related to Italy was submitted by Paolo Bagaglia.  Rather than reproduce an edited verion here, the Editor has published it in its entirety as Recommended Italian Literature


Atlee, W. Dudley Earee, Robert Brisco Ragatz, Lowell The Spud papers : an illustrated descriptive catalog of early philatelic forgeries

Banque du Timbre PRIFIX catalogue spécialisé illustré des timbres-poste du Luxembourg avec les cotations des timbres Europa editaté par le banque du timbre (Annual catalog)

Balian, Leon Stamps of Egypt, with Egypt used in Palestine and Sudan - L. Balian Catalogue

Catalogue national : timbres-poste de Belgique, Prinet couleurs, spécialisé Catalogue national : timbres-poste de Belgique & Europa,
encyclopedie en couleurs, spécialisé International Philatelic Editions Catalogue national : timbres-poste de Belgique, Prinet couleurs,
spécialisé Catalogue national : timbres-poste de Belgique & Europa, éncyclopedie en couleurs, spécialisé Catalogue national
spécialisé : timbres-poste de Belgique, Prinet couleurs Catalogue national spécialisé : timbres-poste de Belgique & Europa,
éncyclopedie en couleurs

Chemi, James M. Beal, James H. DeVoss, James T. The Yucatan affair : the work of Raoul Ch. de Thuin, philatelic counterfeiter

Codding, George Arthur, Jr. Universal Postal Union : coordinator of the international mails (The)

Constantinides, Tryphon A study of the stamps of Greece. Part I, originally published by the Hellenic Philotelic Society of Athens, 1933 (republished 1978 in Stamford, Conn. by Louis Basel)

DAKA Forlag Paaskesen, Erik DAKA GF 20. Island frimaerker = DAKA GF 20. Iceland postage stamps

DAKA Forlag / Wowern, Eric / Paaskesen, Erik GF 10. Faeroerne : frimaerker og stempler = GF 10. Faroe Islands : postage stamps and postmarks

Earee, Robert Brisco Album weeds ; how to detect forged stamps Contents: Part I. Afghanistan - British Colombia. -- Part II. British East Africa - Denmark. -- Part III. Dominica - Iceland. -- Part IV. India - Luxemburg. -- Part V. Madeira - North Borneo. -- Part VI. Norway - St. Christopher. -- Part VII. St. Helena - Switzerland. -- Part VIII. Tasmania - Zululand.

Feltus, Peter R. Catalogue of Egyptian revenue stamps with Sudanese revenues & Egyptian cinderellas

Hibernian Stamp Co. Ltd. Buchalter, M. Don Hibernian specialised catalogue of the postage stamps of Ireland, 1922-1972

Higgins & Gage World postal stationery catalog World postal stationery catalog 19 sections: The researcher should consult the American Philatelic Research Library card catalog.

Jonsson, Jon Adalsteinn One hundred years of Icelandic stamps, 1873-1973

JSDA (Japanese Stamp Dealers Association) publishes a catalog of Japan which is commonly referred to as the JSDA

Japan Philatelic Publications Mizuhara, Meiso Japanese stamp specialized catalog JSCA (Sometimes referred to as Nissen or Nihon Kitte Senmon Katalogu)

Japan Philatelic Society / Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation / Japan Philatelic Society Foundation Sakura - Catalog of Japanese stamps / Japanese stamp catalogue illustrated in colours / Japanese stamp catalog illustrated in colors

Kneitschel, Victor Catalogo de los sellos postales de la Republica Argentina y sus derivados / Catalogo de los sellos postales de la Republica Argentina y Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Corrientes, Entre Rios / 6th Edition, 1958

Kneitschel, Victor; Catalogo de Sellos Postales de la Republica Argentina  2 vol. 1958 (6th edition) and 1 volume 1974 (11th edition) recommended.

Meyer, Peter Catalogo Enciclopedico de Selos e Historia Postal do Brasil das origens a 1890, Editora RHM , Sao Paulo, 1999 (with 100 page English supplement)

Meyer, K.F. Disinfected mail : historical review and tentative listing of cachets, handstamp markings, wax seals, wafer seals and manuscript certifications alphabetically arranged according to countries

Photiadis, George M. The First Athens Issue of the Large Hermes Heads of Greece

Preo's Catalogue Officiel des Timbres Preobliters de Belgique/ Preo's Catalogue Officiel des Timbres Preobliters de Beltgique 1894 - 1996

Serrane, Fernand The Serrane guide : stamp forgeries of the world to 1926 / Vade-mecum du specialiste-expert en timbres-poste : description des originaux et des faux. Tome I, Tome II. English (English translation published by American Philatelic Society in 1998)

Schloss, Hermann Distinguishing characteristics of classic stamps : description of reprints, postal forgeries, differences of types,
watermarks, papers, colors, separations, gum, etc. [Part I]. Old German States

Schloss, Hermann Distinguishing characteristics of classic stamps : description of reprints, postal forgeries, differences of types,
watermarks, papers, colors, separations, gum, etc. [Part II]. Europe 19th century (except Old German States)

Smith, Peter A.S. Egypt - stamps & postal history : a philatelic treatise

von Saleski, Lothar Liberia 1975 specialized catalogue

Tyler, Varro E. Focus on forgeries : a guide to forgeries of common stamps / Linn's Focus on forgeries : a guide to forgeries of common stamps

Woodward, Alphonse Marie Tracey Postage stamps of Japan and dependencies (The)


Asosiasi Pedagang Prangko Indonesia (APPI) Indonesian Stamp Dealers Association. APPI Katalog Prangko Indonesia = Indonesian postage stamp catalogue

Bold, W.E.J. van den (Pim) Handbook of thematic philately

Jochimsen, Bertha D. Volcano stamps of the world : a checklist


Amos Press, Inc. Linn's Stamp News

American Philatelic Society American Philatelist

American Topical Association Topical Time

Bermuda Collectors Society Bermuda Post

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group British Caribbean Philatelic Journal

United States Stamps Society (formerly Bureau Issues Association) The United States Specialist

The Collectors Club (New York) Collectors Club Philatelist

Germany Philatelic Society The German Postal Specialist

Global Stamp News

The International Machine Cancel Society Machine Cancel Forum (the IMCS also publishes a number of fine handbooks)

La Posta, Helbock, R. La Posta: A Journal of American Postal History

The Royal Philatelic Society London Philatelist

Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society International Mexicana

Postal History Society Postal History Journal

Precancel Stamp Society Precancel Forum

Rhodesian Study Circle Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle

Scott Publishing Co.Scott Stamp Monthly (now owned by Amos Press)

U.S. Philatelic Classics Society U.S. Chronicle (particularly Herzog)

United Postal Stationery SocietyPostal Stationery

Vermont Philatelic Society Vermont Philatelist

Other Items of Note:

Though technically not 'books', Dr. Wilbur Amonette has put together some 'color charts' (using actual stamps) of the 1851/57 3 Cent Washingon stamps on 3x5 cards.

Another shade/color reference are the color references by Pittsboro Philatelics on the 64/65, 10/11, 219D, etc.

Eds. Gallagher, Kenneth S.  Pigeon, Robert L. Infantry Regiments of the United States Army

Stanton, Shelby L. Viet Nam Order of Battle

Stanton, Shelby L. World War II Order of Battle

U.S. Navy Department, Chief of Naval Opns Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (8 Vols.)

Auction Catalogs:

Auction catalogs of completed sales can provide important information about a philatelic specialty or field. In addition to being a record of an important collection, some have additional information that may not be readily available in any other format.  Whatever your specialty is, look for auction catalogs that contain similar material.  The catalogs listed are just a sample of what is available.  Check with the literature dealers for added items.

Robert A. Siegel, Robert Zoellner Collection, sale #804, October 8, 1998 - A virtually complete US stamp collection illustrated in full color with census information on many rarities.
................, Honolulu Advertiser Hawaii, sale #769, November, 1995 - The largest collection of Hawaii to appear publicly on the market.
................, David Golden Collection Of US Locals, sale #817, November, 1999 - Important sale of US locals and carriers.

Richard C. Frajola, Sale #1, June, 1981 - useful information on US postal history to 1900.
............................., Net Price Sale #2, Ambassador Middendorf US Local Posts - Catalog contains information about history of individual companies as well as postal history information.

David G. Phillips, American Illustrated Covers (Biddle Collection), 1981, Advertising covers.

The following are some additional suggested sources of informative auction catalogs:

Firby "Rarities of Philatelic Literature" Auction Catalogs
Corinphila (of Switzerland) catalogs of their name sales
Christies (Ishikawa sale)
Rumsey (nice covers)
Sotheby, (The Gibbs Collection of Doubleheads and Admirals), 1989

End of Part II

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