Ethics and Manufactured Fakes
Most of the 11277 forgeries come from Chad C74-C79 which have a total catalogue $2.32 in my 1997 Scott. It has also been stated on the Stamps Board that the offering of the manufactured "forgery" of US #4 included "THREE detailed articles attached to that lot, including the full Linn's story, that describes how the stamp was created, "aged" and where the underlying stamp originated from." Now that statement is, at best, misleading.

The ad for Item #122666829 (link above) talks about one article which was in Linn's but has no link or URL. The two URLs (not links) are articles by de Rochambeau himself (not from Linn's). And, yes, one of the articles does post the URL for the Linn's article. That's hardly an up-front disclosure.

Furthermore, de Rochambeau is not someone of established integrity. Take a look at this article. This reference appears in none of the ads.

 In addition to the US #4, the following Chad defectives SARDINIA MINT #1 (2 copies), MAURITIUS USED #2 (with an added pen cancel -- ballpoint?), FRANCE MINT #8, TUSCANY MINT #23, and SAXONY MINT #1 are also being offered. For the moment there is no Japan #8 which is also part of the Chad airmail series. Since it is perforated, one can't just cut it out!  None of the associated auction pages which offer these other Chad defectives attributes them to be handiwork of de Rochambeau or even Michael Taylor. In addition, NEW ZEALAND #6 and NEW ZEALAND #10 which are being offered by 11277 are also manufactured from stamps as was noted earlier on the Stamps Board.  Note: Since the above was written, there have been additional lots of the fakes added presumably from new manufacturing.

I also want to remind you who was a supporter of the lots offered by 11277 and came rushing to the fore to defend the authenticity of some PNG overprints which the shillers were offering. He also had consigned an expensive Australian airmail cover for sale by 11277 and was alleged to have paid the improper Life Membership fee for Nathan Matteson who was not eligible for life membership as he was underage.  He was also the one who invited the miscreants here at that time. IMO, this board has been diminished ever since.

 While the creation of fakes may not be illegal, it certainly is unethical. Few, if any, of us condone the manufacture of philatelic fakes for any purpose whatsoever.

It has also been suggested that eBay is "not concerned." I am certain that eBay is quite concerned over that sort of item. They know full well what type of problem that creates for them and their problem is to find a way to police it adequately with sound expert advice. As you can tell from the discussions on this board, finding sound expert advice willing to assure an item's identification and quality when the only data is the .jpg and the words from the seller is difficult.

Recently, someone took the time to lecture me on the APS Code of Ethics. I would suggest that everyone also take a look at ASDA home page and scroll down to click on ASDA Membership Information and then on Code of Conduct. I would suggest careful reading of 3, 6, and 19. They seem to suggest action as well. I would also think that 16 would give one cause to be wary of any relationship with a known, active forger/faker.

Jim Watson, APS Life Member #7318