United States 357 1¢ Blue Paper on Post Card

This post card was purchased from Guy Purrington in an eBay auction.  The illustration was convincing and my bid was successful.  The post card was subsequently submitted to the American Philatelic Expertising Service and received a clean August, 1999, opinion as, "United States, Scott No. 357, used on post card, genuine in all respects."  The face of the post card shows a contemporary photographic view of the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C.

The blue paper on this postcard is distinguished by several indicators.  First, the stamp has the characteristic gray (not really blue) paper color.  The perforation measurement using an Instanta gauge and the dimensions confirm the stamp is a flat plate perf 12.  The date of use (March 7, 1909) is consistent with the issue date attributed to the issue (February 16,  1909).  Finally, the Washington, D.C., cancellation (and scene) is consistent with the city where most of the blue papers were sold.