Contents of Billig's Philatelic Handbooks

The link to the listing of the content of the handbooks was to the FAQ of the rec.collecting.stamps.discuss group Section 5.2.  The FAQ seem to have disappeared but I was able to find this listing on Joe Luft's web site.  Rather than lose track of it again, I've decided to list it separately here.

Section 5.2 List of Billig's Philatelic Handbooks

Nicholas G. Carter writes in July 1995:

Volume 1, U.S. N.Y., foreign mail canc, Allenstein specialised
listings, Angra specialised listings, Austria and Lombardy
Venetia, Danube Steamship Co. Hungary cancellations on Austria
and first issues, Hungarian locals, Western Hungary, etc., Russia
airmail forgeries, Switzerland first issues specialised and Hotel

Volume 2, U.S. canc, Batum-genuine and forgeries, Belgium numeral
cancellations, Luxembourg miniature sheet - genuine and forgery,
Standard Philatelic Dictionary.

Volume 3, U.S. disc, flower and single-letter canc A-D, World War
I postmarks, Algeria parcel post stamps, postal stationery and
cancellations, Bosnia canc and postal stationery, France locals,
numeral cancellations, specialised balloon Monte Fr. Colonies and
Morocco forgeries, Morocco locals.

Volume 4, U.S. anchor, diamond, figure, head and single letter E
to G, skull and cross-bone canc, Australia specialised catalogue
and first flight lists and locals, lonian Is. pre-stamp
postmarks, New Hebrides Co. Iocals, Samoa express locals, Western
Australia Coolgardie cycle locals.

Volume 5, U.S. 1893 Two cent Columbians, U.S. privately
perforated coils, U S cancellations, handstamped postmarks Maine,
slant-serif postmarks, La Aguera, Andorra, Argentine Confederacy,
Australia essays, Australia historical and official first
flights, Bavaria, Bermuda numerical postmarks, Brazil Empire
cancELLATIONS, seals, Cameroons forerunners, Canada postal
stationery, Chile airmails, Congo cancellations, Cuba originals
and forgeries, Curacao, Czechoslovakia list, major plate
varieties on first issue, Danube Steamship Co.

Volume 6, U.S. canc, Brazil cancellations, Danzig post offices,
Elobey forerunners, Estonia post offices, Fernando Po
forerunners, Finland cancelS, Fiume Arbe-Veglia, France cancels,
Germany booklet panes, submarine and telegraph stamps, German
offices in China forerunners, Great Britain list of railroads
using stamps, Hungary cancels on Austrian stamps, Indian native
states postal stationery, Ireland straight-line postmarks,
numeral cancellations, Italy advertising stamps, Kiauchau
forerunners, Marianas, Marshalls, Mauritius postmarks,
Netherlands first issues, Poland post offices after 1918, Puerto
Rico genuine and forgeries, Sweden specialised.

Volume 7, U.S. List of route agents, county and postmaster
postmarks, shield cancellations, Argentine 1863-1909 specialised
listing, Fiume specialised listing, France list of couriers
convoyeurs, Wurttemberg specialized.

Volume 8, U.S. cross cancellations, Brazil cancels, Salvador
airs, Sardinia post office Schleswig cancels, Spain numeral
cancels and miniature sheets, Spanish offices in Morocco, Sweden
post offfices, Turkey cancels, Upper Silesia post offices, Thurn
and Taxis history, posts, postal markings.

Volume 9, U.S. cancels Brazil cancels, French Morocco airs,
German Cols forerunners, cancels, German East Africa forerunners,
German New Guinea, German South West Africa, Hamburg cancel
forgeries, Hanover post offices Heligoland, Italy numeral
cancels, Japan post offices, Norway plating the first issue,
Orange Free State numeral and letter cancels, Paraguay airs,
Prussia numeral cancellations.

Volume 10, U.S. country and postmaster postmarks (180 pages, 90
of these illus) Brazil cancels, Philippines telegraph stamps and
postal cancels, Western Hungary.

Volume 11, U.S. railway cancels, Baden, Canada postbands and
wrappers and list of railway post offices, Canal Zone, Corfu
airs, Curacao airs, Dutch Indies airs France 1863-71 lists and
plating 20 cent Laure, French Sudan airs, Funchal German offices
in Morocco, Greece first issues specilized, airmails, Italian
occupation, Honduras post offices, lonian Is. airs, Italy airs
and locals, Yugoslavia airs and locals, Lubek Fournier canc
forgeries, Mechlenburg Fournier canc forgcries, Montenegro airs,
Netherlands airs, New Zealand - Great Barrier Is. platings,
Oldenburg, Reunion airs, Roman States and Parma Fournier canc,
Saxony Fournier canc forgeries, Schleswig, Senegal airs, Sudan
airs, Thurn and Taxis forgeries, Wurttemberg forgeries.

Volume 12, U.S. year date, star and crescent, padlock,
Jack-o-Lantern, rectangular canc, Baden numeral cancels, Brazil
cancels, Columbia Republic and Cuba forged cancels, Fiji post
offices, France plating 1863 20 cent, German post offices in
Turkey, Great Britain postmarks and numerals, Hanover cancels,
Newfoundland travelling post offices.

Volume 13, U.S. cancels, reversed letters, multiple letters,
arrow heads, Brazil cancels, Denmark numerals plate varieties,
Germany airmails, 19th Century locals Aachen to Bergedorf,
Guernsey, Jersey, Channel Is., Honduras Lempira airs, Romania
1858-1932 forged cancels, Philatelic Dictionary German-English.

Volume 14, U.S. Iistings 1847-95, cancellations circle,
miscellaneous, Catalogue of Naval Postmarks Part 1, Brazil
cancels, Brunei, Burma, Labuan, North Borneo,
Philippines-Japanese Occupation Issues Specialised Catalogue,
Prussia list of numeral canc, Album weeds illustrated
Afghanistan, Cuba, Dominican Rep.

Volume 15, Distinguishing characteristics of classic stamps of
European countries except Old German States illus (by H.

Volume 16, U.S. numeral cancels 1 to 5, list of Minnesota post
offices, Catalogue of Naval Postmarks Part ll, Germany 19th
Century locals, Berlin to Breslau, Japan prisoner-of-war mail
1914-18, Mexico district names on first issues, Norway postal
stationery cat. and list of numeral cancels, Roman States and
Parma forged cancels, Roman States post offices 1863, Sarawak,
Straits Settlements and Malay States Catalogue of Japanese
Occupation stamps, Uruguay list of letter and numeral cancels,
airmail 1926 plated, Wurttemberg post offices 1875.

Volume 17, U.S. cancellations, numerals 5 to 185, Catalogue of
Naval Cancels Part lll, Bohemia Moravia catalogue of German
Occupation, Bahamas postmarks, Fiji list of post offices, Ireland
slogan postmarks, Jamaica alphabetical list of post offices,
Japan scenery postmarks, first series, Prince Edward Is. cancels
and catalogue, Trinidad and Tobago postmarks.

Volume 18, U.S. canc funny face hearts, mask, pin wheel, Brazil
canc, Canada airs and local lists, Cape of Good Hope triangle
listings, Christmas Is. German Empire specialised cat.,
1870-1923, Rhuleben, Great Britain mobile post offices, local
lists college stamps, Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., Herm Is.,
India Scinde Dawk, Kermadec Is., Lithuania list of OB, OST canc,
Lundy Is. Handbook, Luxembourg Fournier cancellations, Mexico
Fournier cancels.

Vo/ume 19, U.S. O.K. cancels, four point stars, Japanese
Occupation in South East Asia (handbook by N. H. Hedeman and R.
Boekema ), Bavaria list of numeral cancels.

Volume 20, U.S. canc, five-pointed star, China mobile posts,
Honduras study of 1922-23 provisionals, Mexico Sonora issue, New
Zealand advertisements on back, pigeongrams and airmails,
Rhodesia Matabeleland, Russia Wrangel.

Volume 21, U.S. star cancels, Australia World War ll postmarks,
Egypt cat. of interpostal seals and airmail, military stamps and
postal stations, Great Britain triangle cancels, Blitz posts,
Malta cancels, British New Guinea forerunners, Papua listings,
Spain railway cancels, Album weeds Costa Rica, Danish West
Indies, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haita, Honduras, Liberia.

Volume 22, U.S. cross road cancels, words as cancels, Brazil
Amazonia locals, boxed cancels, Canada catalogue of constant
plate varieties, Cuba pioneer, national and historical flights,
Germany oval railway post office cancels, 1945 locals forgeries,
German field posts, Inselposts, Tunisia parcel stamps (Swastika
and Palm Tree) forgeries illustrated, ship post, India Chagai
local, Scinde Dawk, Indian airways.

Volume 23, Rocket Mail Catalogue, Postal markings of the Allied
Forces in Great Britain 1940-46, Iceland postal stationery,
Norway catalogue of by-posts.

Volume 24, Japan scenery postmarks, Norway supplement to the
Postal Stationery Catalogue, Sweden private posts to 1947, Album
weeds illustrated Japan, Persia, Shanghai, color by Copeland.

Volume 25, U.S. Iocals Chesooncook Lake, McGreely, San Francisco
bicycle mail, Wells Fargo, Germany 19th Century locals, Breslau
to Danzig, Indian airways Part lll, North West Pacific Is., Saar
Cat., St. Lucia Steam Conveyance Co., San Marino Cat., Sardinia
cancellation forgeries, Spain cancel forgeries, South Africa
commando brief, Mafeking, Mount Currie Express, Natal, Witness,
Pretoria, Surinam Cat., Thurn and Taxis cancel forgeries,
Transvaal Fournier forgeries, Tuscany Fournier forgeries,
Trinidad David Bryce P.O., Uganda posts of George Wilson, Uruguay
airmail forgeries.

Volume 26, U.S. Naval cancels Part IV, Postal History of Delaware
Pt. 1, U.S. railway markings 1861-90 Pt. 1, U.S. registered
cancels, Finland postal stationery 1917-54, Occupied Germany,
Allied Forces in Great Britain, letter seals, Jamaica temporary
rubber stamps 1881-1946 by Nicholson.

Volume 27, Postal history of Delaware, U.S. rail markings 1861-62
Pt. 2, Antarctica by Morris, Rocket Mail Cat., Canada addendum to
Constant Plate Varieties, Cook Is. postal history, Occupied
Germany Russian Zone, German War Stamps 1914-18, Gilbert and
Ellice Is. postmarks.

Volume 28, U.S. post office in Maine, Canada war tax stamps,
Denmark stamped envelopes, Germany World War ll Occupation
issues, German post offices abroad, Kermadecs New Zealand, Nauru
by Morris, New Zealand Marine P.O., Niue, Norfolk Is., Norway
Crown and Posthorn postmarks, numeral ship postmarks North Cape
military field postmarks, first railway postmarks, postal
stationery official cards of the railroads, Papua-New Guinea,
Phoenix Is., Tokelau or Union Is., Zemstvo offices, Turkey used
abroad locals, Prussian offices in Turkey.

Volume 29, French philatelic facts by Kremer - a study of early
French stamps, history of postal rates, cancellations to and
including the Bordeau issue.

Volume 30, The Zemstov Gazetter, Turkey plating and canc, Turkey
forgeries, Phantom Philately Pt. 1.

Volume 31, Reprints of excluded material from first and second
editions of Volume 1 (as these volumes were abridged when
reprinted) , plus a study by Doane on U.S. County and Postmaster

Volume 32, Reprints of excluded material from first editions of
Volumes 2, 3, 4 (as these volumes were abridged when reprinted)
plus the an exhaustive 3 part index to the entire series of
Billig Handbooks.

Volume 33, 19th Century Fancy Cancellations, 1973 edition.

Volume 34, Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, British
Europe, 1973 reprint in two volumes, updated with supplements
(from the Philatelist); Vol. I.

Volume 35, As above, Vol . II .

Vo/ume 36, Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, British
Africa, 1974 reprint in two volumes, with supplements (from the
Philatelist); Vol. I.

Volume 37. As above. Vol. II .

Volume 38 Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, British
Asia, 1975 reprint in three volumes, with supplements; Vol. I.

Volume 39 As above, Vol . II

Volume 40 As above, Vol . III

Volume 41 Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, British
Australia and Oceania,1976 reprint in three volumes, with
supplements; Vol. I.

Volume 42 As above, Vol . II

Volume 43 As above, Vol . III

Volume 44 Plating the Penny Black