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Women Barred to Stamp Clubs

According to report, we still have a few quaint and archaic stamp clubs from which women are barred as members.  This is an odd situation in view of the fact that the biggest and most successful philatelic organizations and local clubs welcome their membership.  Women are an important element in stamp collecting.  Look around at the stamp exhibitions and note the high calibre of collections displayed by the ladies.  They're keen students and they've got THE stamps, and how!  Our New York Collectors Club has numerous women on the roster and the day is not distant when I am sure we will have a woman on the Board of Governors.  We're certainly glad to have them in New York, and glad, too, that so many of them collect stamps.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
July 21, 1951

Posted October 10, 1999

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