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Canal Zone and Cuba "Coil" Stamps

Every so often I hear of "coil" stamps which "were issued" in the Canal Zone, and in Cuba.  I have never seen the "Canal Zone" issue, but I have seen some of the Cuban varieties purporting to be privately perforated from imperforates of the 1926 issue, Scott's Nos. 280-282.  No coils were ever issued in the Canal Zone, nor in Cuba either, and for one very discouraging reason:  Climate.  Coils are intended for use in vending and mailing machines but they don't work well where the weather is too warm because the stamps stick together and the machine jams and ceases to operate.  It was tried in the Philippines, only once, in 1928, and never again.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
December 13, 1941

Posted October 4, 1999

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