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The N.R.A. Stamp

One of the earliest stamps issued during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 3 N.R.A. commemorative of August, 1933, which was planned to arouse the support and interest of the general public in the National Industrial Recovery Act.  The stamp had to be prepared and issued in record-breaking time in order to have the desired impact upon the public.  When the stamp was issued mint copies and a first day cover were sent to the President by his Postmaster General, James A. Farley.  He was very pleased with the design but teased his PMG that the farmer looked like himself (FDR), that the business man looked like Grover T. Whalen, and the blacksmith like Lionel Barrymore.  The girl, he thought, was wearing a No. 11 shoe and a bustle.  However, he admitted he considered it a fine stamp and congratulated Mr. Farley.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
October 15, 1935

Posted September 16, 1999

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