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Presidential Medals Available

It may be of interest to readers to know that the medals from which the portrait designs of several of the stamps in the current Presidential set were modelled are obtainable from the U. S. Mint.  These are the 5 Monroe, 11 Polk, 14 Pierce, 19 Hayes, 20 Garfield, 22 Cleveland, 25 McKinley, $1 Wilson, $2 Harding, and $5 Coolidge.  These medals are of bronze and of a uniform three-inch size.  They may be obtained from the Superintendent of the U. S. Mint, Philadelphia, Penna., at $1.50 each, plus fourth postage on the basis of one pound, your parcel post zone, rated from Philadelphia.  This information is furnished through the courtesy of Eidsel C. Stanford.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
March 8, 1947

Posted September 13, 1999  

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