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"Stephen" Daye Issue

The Post Office Department announces a stamp to commemorate the introduction of printing into the United States. . . .  Official announcement says, "On a press imported from England, Stephen Daye in 1639, in a house of the first president of Harvard College, produced 'The Freeman's Oath'." . . .   Autographs of Daye on documents on file in the Library of Congress, show the signature, "Stephen." . . .  The press was imported in 1638, and that would make the "Anniversary" slightly out of gear at this time. . . .  First thing Daye printed was, of course, "The Freeman's Oath," and then he followed with a 1639 Almanac which surely must have been printed the year before to have been usable in 1639.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
August 5, 1939

Posted September 12, 1999

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