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New Stamp for Doctors

The suddenly announced medical stamp was first hinted in this column March 15th.  The new 3 stamp to memorialize the medical profession will be issued June 9th to coincide with the American Medical Association's Centenary convention at Atlantic City, which will likely be the first day point.  A request for the stamp was quietly set in motion last December, but meanwhile all public word of the issue was held under wraps.  "Now or never" approval of the stamp was secured when the Medicos got Postmaster General Hannegan as a patient at the Boston Memorial Hospital in February.  No design has been announced, but Dr. Morris Fishbein, President of the A. M. A., told me, in discussing the stamp a few weeks ago, that he favored reproduction of a symbolic etching which is to be used on the front cover of Hygeia magazine in the June issue, picturing a doctor's hand, a watch, a caduceus, and a clinical thermometer.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
April 19, 1947

Posted September 10, 1999

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