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Mail from Sherman's Army

The Stamp Collector's Magazine (London), March 1, 1865, carried a paragraph no doubt copied from a New York newspaper, which I reprint in view of the great interest today in philatelic material related to the Civil War.  "The mail from Sherman's Army, by the Arago reached the New York post-office at half past six o'clock on Friday night, and the last of more than 200,000 letters was dispatched by the Erie line at quarter past four on the next afternoon.  The stamps not having been cancelled, the labor was necessarily performed in the New York post-office, and employed fifteen men throughout the night and up to noon Saturday.  Twenty men were were required to sort the letters.  This is the largest mail that the New York post-office ever received."  Covers from this mail are probably still in existence and I presume could be identified in some manner, the best way no doubt if the letters are still inside the envelopes.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
May 22, 1954

Posted September 8, 1999

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