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The New "Book-Makers" Stamp

A new stamp drawing much attention in the daily press is the Special Tax Stamp for "Wagering," aimed at book-makers on horse races.  The tax is $50 annually, a new stamp each year, and the current stamp which expires June 30, 1952, is on sale at 33.34 because approximately one-third of the fiscal year has already passed.  The stamp is a rather large design, on the style of liquor dealers' stamps, et., and composed entirely of printed matter.  It will probably be of greatest interest to collectors of tax-paid revenue stamps.   From present indications the stamp will not be popular with those who underwrite opinions on the results of horse racing.  A book-maker must obtain a license stamp for himself and each of his employees and there is also a 10 per cent tax levy on his gross "take."  As these notes were written few of the stamps had been sold.  "Bookies," like Thanksgiving poultry, shied from the horrible thought of laying their necks on the block.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
November 17, 1951

Posted August 31, 1999

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