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U. S.-Mexico Special Delivery

R. B. Preston advises that on a recent visit to Mexico he sent home several letters franked with Mexican stamps and a U. S. Special Delivery stamp to his wife in New England.  Thus he acquired a number of interesting covers with mixed franking.  Sometimes the Mexican post office cancelled all the stamps; on others they ignored the U. S. stamp, but in all cases his U. S. home post office honored the letters with special delivery service.  Not new, but a simple way of securing interesting modern covers, and likely the same arrangements would apply in many other foreign countries.  It's an idea if you would like some unusual modern-day covers.  (Please don't write me to ask what such covers would be worth.  The idea is offered for philatelic diversion, not as a short-cut to profit.)
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
December 22, 1956

Posted August 29, 1999

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