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Suez Canal Stamps

In 1868 there was an issue of four stamps for use in the Suez Canal area and these were widely counterfeited, so many times as a matter of fact that few collectors are able to recognize the genuine.  The stamps were spaced for many years in the Scott albums and the originals are not by any means common.  Used on original covers they are great rarities with comparatively few known.

In view of the recent world turmoil over the Egyptian Suez situation it has been surprising to me that we see no offerings in the philatelic press of these Suez stamps, and which would probably be a new series of counterfeits.  I have been watching the stamp publications with full expectations that such stamps would be offered, perhaps under the usual dodge, as "reprints."  It may  be noted here that there were never any reprints of the Suez stamps, and if offered as such they would be nothing more than another outfit of counterfeits -- and most likely counterfeits of counterfeits because few of the manufacturers would know what they were using as models, nor would they care.  

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
November 10, 1956

Posted August 28, 1999

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