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Nicholas F. Seebeck - Part II

On May 4, 1889, in Managua, Nicaragua, a contract was signed between the Director General of Posts and Telegraphs of Nicaragua and the Hamilton Bank Note Engraving and Printing Co. of New York as represented by its general manager, N. F. Seebeck, according to Clyde Gentle, writing in the May 6, 1977, issue of Stamp Collector.

Gentle went on to reproduce the terms of the contract as it appeared in the June 22, 1889, Official Gazette as follows:

"(1) Mr. Seebeck assumes responsibility for the Hamilton Bank Note Company to furnish the Government of Nicaragua, without any cost to the latter, all stamps needed for franking postal and telegraph correspondence up to a total of two million stamps, also postal cards, stamped enveloped with imprinted postage, up to a total of 225,000 pieces, for a period of one to two years.

"(2) The government shall, at its discretion, change the stamps each year or each second year on January 1st and at the same time shall demonitize those of the preceding period.  The design shall be the same for all denominations of each issue; they shall only differ in color.  With each new issue the design shall be substantially different from the previous ones.

"(3) Simultaneously with the signing of the contract, the Government orders from Mr. Seebeck all stamps needed for the year 1890, submitting design, size of issue, color and quantity of each individual denomination.  The Hamilton Bank Note Company has to deliver the complete order not later than November 15, 1889, to a Government representative in New York.

"In the future, the Government will, every year or every second year, order from the Hamilton Bank Note Company in a similar manner a new issue to be delivered not later than November 15, of the respective year.

"(4) The stamps shall be steel engraved of artistic workmanship and best quality.

"(5) As compensation for the free delivery of the first issue for 1890, the Government shall surrender to the Hamilton Bank Note Company all stamps, covers, and postal cards of the current 1882 issue and any older issues still in supply on December 31, 1889.

"In the same manner the Government shall deliver to the Hamilton Bank Note Company each succeeding year or biannually, all remaining supplies of the preceding period that have been demonitized according to paragraph 2 of the contract, delivery to be at Managua in each instance not later than during February of the following year.

"(6) the government permits the Hamilton Bank Note Company to sell to stamp collectors the supplies so obtained from the Government and authorizes the Hamilton Bank Note Company to re-issue any denomination when the supply is exhausted in order to be able to satisfy collectors' demand.

"(7) the Government can under no condition sell current stamps at more than a 10% discount of face value.  Stamps used to frank telegrams shall be destroyed together with the originals (presumably telegram forms are meant -- Author).

"(8) In case the Hamilton Bank Note company fails to deliver on time, it loses its rights to the latest remaining supplies and the Government has the right to cancel the contract.

"(9)  Should be quantities ordered by the Government and supplied by the Hamilton Bank Note company not cover the demand, the company is obligated upon request by the Government to supply up to one million additional pieces over and above the quantities stipulated in paragraph 1.

"(10)  This contract is for the period of ten years."

To be Continued

- Kenneth A. Wood
This is Philately - Volume Three Q-Z
Van Dahl Publications 1982
Posted October 18, 2000

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