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Discounts on Civil War Revenues

In this day and age, when the government allows no discount on any kind of its postage or revenue stamps, regardless of the quantity purchased, it will be surprising to many to learn that a discount was allowed on the revenue issues during the late sixties, at least, and possibly even later.

The government allowed a discount of 5% on purchases of $500 or more at one time.  This permitted stamp brokers to enter the field.

In an old advertising circular of the period I recently saw, one of these brokers rediscounted the stamps as follows:  purchases of $15 would draw a 1% discount, $30, 2%, $50 3%, and $100, 4%.  The discounts in all cases were payable only in stamps.  

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
January 18, 1936

Posted August 27, 1999

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