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Some Philatelic Firsts - Part III

Richard McP. Cabeen, in his book, Standard Handbook of Stamp Collecting, provides some lists of philatelic firsts which he suggests might make a nice collection of the historical and educational aspects of stamps.  His third list dealt with stamp shapes.


Normal shape, vertical rectangle Great Britain 1840
Horizontal rectangle Brazil 1850
Rectangle, decorated Brazil 1844
Rectangle, sides curved Roman States 1852
Square, normal Bavaria 1849
Square, on corner Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Triangle, right-angle isosceles, on hypotenuse Cape of Good Hope 1853
Triangle, right-angle isosceles, on point Latvia 1921
Triangle, right-angle, on hypotenuse Columbia 1869
Triangle, equilateral, on side Columbia 1865
Triangle, equilateral, on point Austria 1916
Diamond, long axis horizontal Somali Coast 1894
Diamond, long axis vertical Lithuania 1923
Octagon, elongated vertically Great Britain 1847
Octagon, elongated horizontally Roman States 1852
Octagon, true Portugal
Octagon, true, perforated as octagon Thessaly 1898
Circle Roman States 1852
Ellipse, vertical New South Wales 1856
Map of the country, die cut Sierra Leone 1964
Heart shape, die cut Tonga 1961
Ellipse, vertical New South Wales 1856
Shield Argentina 1867
Star, six points Columbia 1865

Posted September 24, 2000

Editor's Note:  There have been more shapes added in recent years.

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