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Some Philatelic Firsts - Part II

Richard McP. Cabeen, in his book, Standard Handbook of Stamp Collecting, provides some lists of philatelic firsts which he suggests might make a nice collection of the historical and educational aspects of stamps.  His second list dealt with stamp subjects.


Sovereign, Victoria Great Britain 1840
Numeral Design, 30, 60, 90 Brazil 1843
Illustrious person not in office, Franklin, Washington United States 1847
Allegorical Design, Ceres
Arms in design Austria, Hanover, Switzerland, Schleswig-Holstein 1850
Seal of a state, view of Sydney New South Wales 1850
Members of royalty not a sovereign, Prince Albert Canada 1851
Animal, part of arms, Beaver
                                  Tuscany lion
Heraldic symbols, British flowers New Brunswick 1851
Inscription as design motif Denmark 1851
President in office, Louis Napoleon France 1852
Ship, part of arms British Guiana 1852
Foreign notable, Columbus Chile 1853
Bird, part of arms, black swan Western Australia 1854
Locomotive New Brunswick 1860
Scene, mountains Nicaragua 1862
Marine, animal, seal Newfoundland 1865
Fish, cod Newfoundland 1865
Painting as a subject, Landing of Columbus United States 1869
Statue of a ruler, Kamehameha Hawaii 1882
Map Panama 1887
Sports design, Olympic games Greece 1896
First stamp complete with country, value, and use United States 1847
First stamp without value indication Mauritius 1849
First bilingual stamp Hawaii 1859

To Be Continued

Posted September 23, 2000

Editor's Note:  The list of stamps which are the first for a particular subject would extend for pages.

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