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Some Philatelic Firsts - Part I

Richard McP. Cabeen, in his book, Standard Handbook of Stamp Collecting, provides some lists of philatelic firsts which he suggests might make a nice collection of the historical and educational aspects of stamps.  His first list dealt with technical aspects of stamp manufacture.


Engraved, black 1 penny Great Britain 1840
Engraved, Color, 2 pence Great Britain 1840
First engraved, in multicolor Basle, Switzerland 1847
Engraved and Embossed Great Britain 1847
Photogravure Bavaria 1814
Typographed France, Bavaria 1849
Lithographed Victoria 1850
Typeset, as a handstamp British Guiana 1850
Typeset in printing plate Hawaii 1851
Embossed without color Sardinia 1854
Lithographed and embossed Sardinia 1854
Typographed and embossed Sardinia 1855
Typewritten Uganda 1895
Blueprint, Mafeking Cape of Good Hope 1900
Offset Lithography United States 1918

To change value, semiofficial, carrier United States 1846
To change value, manuscript 5 Hawaii 1853
Overprint to indicate value Mauritius 1854
To change value, "Y ¼, " printed Cuba, et al. 1855
To change the country, overprint on India Straits Settlements 1869
To indicate the use, postage Natal 1869
For special user, officials Luxembourg 1875

Experimental roulette, Archer Great Britain 1848
Experimental perforation, gauge 16 Great Britain 1850
Official perforation, gauge 16 Great Britain 1854
Perforation outside of England Sweden, India 1855
Serpentine and serrate roulettes Victoria 1853
Roulette, and pin roulette Victoria 1856

To Be Continued

Posted September 22, 2000

Editor's Note:  I'm sure if this were updated today, there would be additions for the many new printing technologies which have been introduced in the last half of the 20th century.

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