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Scott Discusses Changes - Part II

In the ad from The Stamp Specialist published in 1939, the Clarks (editors of Scott's Catalogue) continued with a discussion of the future.

As we have mentioned above, there are several projects that have been started, but which are still incomplete, and of course we will continue work on these and hope to finish most of them in the 1941 edition.  In addition to these, there are several other projects that we have already decided to undertake, and we welcome constructive suggestions that will tend to improve the catalogue still further.

To list briefly these projects which are already under way, or which will be started with the next edition: --

We are entirely revising the text which appears under each country, so as to make them all uniform as well as to add additional information that we believe will be of interest to the collector.  At the same time, these will all be thoroughly checked and brought up to date with the latest available figures for area, population, etc.

Instead of grouping the illustrations of watermarks all together in the back of the book, we are now placing each watermark under the country of origin, except in cases of repeated duplication such as the British Colonies.  We are still giving consideration as to whether these watermarks should be grouped at the beginning of each country or should be placed throughout the text when they first appear.  We wish to obviate repetition of the same watermark when it is repeated, and it is a question whether it will be preferable to group them together at the beginning of each country or scatter them throughout the issues as they appear.  We welcome suggestions on this point.
The work which we have already started, to group all stamps of similar design together will be completed.
The text and captions will all be more thoroughly checked.
Posted September 9, 2000

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