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Postage Rates in 1847 - Part VI

Pamphlets and magazines were another category of mail to be considered.  These were considered "educational" and had some of the "power of the press;" at least, the publishers were not to be offended.  Rates for these items were provided by Postal Laws and Regulations for the Government of the Post Office Department published in 1847 as follows:

Postage on Pamphlets and Magazines.

     159.  On all pamphlets, magazines, periodicals, and every other kind and description of printed or other matter, (except newspapers, and except, also circulars, handbills, and advertisements, as aforesaid,) which shall be unconnected with any manuscript communication whatever, two and half cents for every copy of no greater weight than one ounce, for any distance.  For every additional ounce, one cent; and fractional excess exceeding half an ounce to be charged as an ounce; but any excess less than half an ounce is not to be regarded.
    160.  A pamphlet is a small unbound printed book.  A magazine is a pamphlet published periodically, in numbers, containing articles on science, literature, politics, news, &c. &c.

Editor's Note:  Modern philatelists are indebted to Theron Wierenga who republished this volume in 1980.  Italics follow the original.

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