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Stamp Club Meeting Program

This program was used at a recent stamp club meeting with a good response.  Instead of listening to someone else talk about stamps, we all talked about the stamps we found in a nice, mostly world-wide mixture which was strong with large commemoratives.  A great time was had by all.

Although the investment wasn't paid off the first night, there was enough interest to have a repeat.

The following is the handout used to explain it to the participants.  Everyone there participated.  Every stamp collector likes to sort through stamps.

Dumpster Diving!
Now's the time to start a new country, add to your existing collection, find an interesting topical to pursue, or just enjoy looking at a bunch of stamps!

Here's how it works.

Everyone will be given a handful of stamps from the mixture to go through.  When you have completed selecting stamps from the handful you received, pass the remainder to the person on your RIGHT.  Randomly, the moderator will replace and/or add to the piles of stamps so new items will be introduced.  Anything picked up goes back into the box to be selected with the next handful.  Feel free to ask others to help you in your search.  Set aside the pieces of loose paper which are often found in such mixtures.  We'll collect them and throw them out.

The stamps are 2¢ apiece.  1¢ will go to help offset the cost of the stamps to the moderator and 1¢ will go to the Collier County stamp club.  If this is successful, we may repeat this or have the mixture available at future meetings.

There are often multiple stamps on a piece.  Don't separate them.  Count the total number of stamps and pay for all of them.  Maybe someone else would like to split them with you.

We'll try to make time for everyone to select some stamps.  When you've finished, count up your stamps, price the total at 2¢ per stamp, and settle up with the moderator.  It will be easier if you take an extra stamp or two to round up the purchase.


Buy 100 and get to select a free mint plate block of 4 from 50 years ago.


Posted August 25, 2000

Editor's Note:  Two pounds of world wide mixture was acquired on eBay from mixtureman.  It proved to be quite appropriate for the program.  Thanks to Anne (abt1950) for the title.

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