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Modern U. S. Covers

The collector with limited means, if he has a particular liking for stamps on original covers and cannot afford the expensive earlier material, could well give attention to the U.S. covers used, say, in the 20th century.  A really interesting collection of wide variety and embracing many features of the postal service could well be the result.

Registered covers would appear in considerable variety, shown in the various rates over the years and especially so the scaled-up rates representing insured valuations, also the additional fees for return receipts showing "addresses where delivered," "restricted delivery," etc.

There would be of course covers by Certified Mail, and by Special Delivery.  Covers of varying rates to foreign countries and airmail.  Letters damaged in transit or opened by mistake with post office seals affixed.  I have only sketched some possibilities.  Personally I would strive to avoid covers with a philatelic look and favor those that had been used commercially.  As a collection, I am sure it would provide a great deal of action for the fellow always looking around for a sideline.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
June 7, 1958

Posted July 16, 1999

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