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Advertising Via First Day Cover

As a means of effectively engaging the attention and bidding for the good will of stamp collectors and dealers, business organizations not engaged in the stamp trade are rapidly recognizing the advantages and possibilities of the First Day Cover.  In my own mail the day following the Connecticut Tercentenary stamp, there were three first day covers -- one from Time with an enclosure calling attention to its use or the most up-to-the-minute stamp issue, cleverly coupled with a suggestion to subscribe to keep fully abreast of all current news subjects.  A cover from the New York American brought a "plug" for advertising, while one from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad cordially invites philatelists to use its transportation facilities in connection with the forthcoming A.P.S. Convention at Washington in August.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
May 11,1935

Posted August 20, 1999

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