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Favorite Stamp

Almost every collector has his favorite stamp.  He may like it best because of an experience he had in acquiring it; or its color, artwork, design or historical significance may be the reason for the "affair of love."  My favorite stamp is one that is little known to today's collectors, but in it s day was much sought after by all lovers of beauty.  It is one of the revenue stamps issued during the Civil War to facilitate collection of a tax on medicine.  The denomination was two-cents and it is the Dailey's Horse Salve stamps, Scott RS73.

It is a large rectangle printed in a rich green color.  The stamp bears a handsome engraving of a horse.  It come in three varieties of paper: so-called "old" which varies considerably in texture and thickness; silk, a fine-quality paper with silk threads visible on its surface; and pink, a softly tinted paper ranging from pale to deep shades.  Each of these paper varieties cost about $50, and I believe that any interested collector would be happy to pay those prices for fine examples of this truly beautiful product of the engraver's art.

- Earl P. L. Apfelbaum
The Best of Apfelbaum's Corner
Dorrance and Co., 1983
Posted August 1, 2000

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