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6¢ Post Office Bisect

I recently published some notes on the 6¢ Post Office Department stamps, Scott's No. O50a bisected and used by the Niagara Falls, N. Y., postmaster as 3¢ stamps.  I have further notes on this bisected variety from Harry M. Konwiser, student for many years of the Departmental issues.

Mr. Konwiser reports that there are three examples of this bisected variety in the collection of the late B. K. Miller, at the New York Public Library, all diagonal halves.  Another diagonal half, used at Lockport, N. Y., to Elmira, N. Y., appeared in the Morgenthau auction, in 1921.  Morgenthau, in a 1915 auction, also sold a bisect on cover, used from New York to Concord, Mass., and in 1917, sold an additional bisect on cover, used from Rockland, Maine, to New York City, a cover which later appeared in the collection of Henry C. Gibson.

- George B. Sloane
Sloan's Column
December 22, 1945
Posted July 28, 2000

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