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Detecting Counterfeits - New Book

Through the courtesy of the author, Herman Schloss, of Nice France, I have just received a new book, entitled, "Timbrex," which should prove very useful in the detection of Counterfeits.  It is a book of 254 pages, with 250 illustrations, and is devoted entirely to the early classic issues of Europe.  The approach to the subject is different from the customary works of this kind , describing the important points of originals instead of counterfeits and gives over 1,500 tests by which the genuine may be distinguished.  There are also descriptions of the various reprints which are dangerous and troublesome.  The text is in French, and the book was written while the author was in hiding during the long Occupation of France.  I have no information as to the price of the book nor where it can be obtained.  The author writes that he will soon visit New York.
- George B. Sloane
Sloan's Column
October 5, 1946
Posted July 24, 2000

Editor's Note:  Thanks to Greg Ioannou for the following note.  The Schloss book was translated into English and published as Distinguishing Characterisitics of Classic Stamps. The English version is volume 15 of the Billig series, published in 1951.  This volume covers European classic stamps other than from German states.  Gary Konopka noted that the Schloss book on German states has also been published.  The APRL notes an English translation published by H. L. Lindquist in 1948.  Authors such as Serrane and Earee are often mentioned when discussing forgeries, but Schloss's book is just as useful as those classics, and a few decades more up to date.

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