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Dietz's New Confederate Catalog

The 1945 edition of Dietz's Confederate States Catalog and Handbook has just been published.  It becomes available just when needed most, with the issues of the Southern Confederacy zooming to the heights in a much deserved revival of popularity.

The last edition of this work was published eight years ago, but the new volume would seem to be "the last word," embracing just about every subject in connection with the postal history and the postage stamp issues of the Confederate States in specialized form.

It is an extraordinary publication, edited and tabulated by the Old Master himself, August Dietz.  It is a volume that belongs in the library of every U. S. collector.

Postmasters' Provisionals; Handstamped "Paids"; General Issues; Official and Semi-Official Envelopes; Prisoner-of-War, Flag-of-Truce and Soldiers' Letters; Express Company Markings; Railroad and Steamboat Markings; Blockade Run Covers; Patriotic Covers; College Covers; Unusual Usages of Confederate and United States Stamps; Postmarks; Confederate Stamp Money; Essays and Proofs; Confederate Currency; Counterfeited Postmarks and Fakes; etc., etc., are among the many subjects so thoroughly chronicled.

Bound in Gray cloth with a handsome jacket reproducing the second issues in full colors, and 231 pages of text lavishly illustrated.  Published by the Dietz Press, 112 East Cary St., Richmond 19, Va. Priced at $3.00.

- George B. Sloane
Sloan's Column
January 13, 1945
Posted July 21, 2000

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