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"Not Listed by Scott"

Numerous correspondents and others come up from time to time with items which are "not listed by Scott," and in consequence are convinced that they possess stamps of great value and rarity.  It should be pointed out that in almost all cases this is a detriment rather than an advantage, and it frequently indicates an item which has insufficient standing and will be found most difficult to sell.  The Catalog is not entirely the product of one man, and the editor, Hugh M. Clark, has the annual cooperation of many experts and authorities in all fields of stamp collecting.  These assistants either own, or have access to, the most important collections in their respective fields and on the rare occasions when something does show up that warrants listing it is reported and usually will be found listed in the next edition of the catalog.  If it doesn't make the grade there are good reasons why it failed to be listed.  Many of these "discoveries," which fail of catalog listing are pseudo varieties and "errors" such a color changelings, single copies of part perforate and imperforate varieties, etc., all too easily made by fakery to deceive the unwary or the  uninformed collector.  It is a rule of the catalogers that nothing in the way of part-perforate or imperforate errors will be listed unless first seen in an indisputable multiple, such as a pair or block.
- George B. Sloane
Sloan's Column
April 6, 1946
Posted July 16, 2000

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