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Ever hear tell of Perimodrophily?  Neither did I, come to think of it, until this fellow wrote me.  Perimodrophily, he tells me, relates to the collection of street car railway tickets.  The enthusiast referred to is Donald Warner, 115 South 40th St., Philadelphia 4, Pa.  Mr. Warner feels that those tickets, in some respects, have a relationship to stamps and coins, a little remote in kinship, perhaps, but he points out that during the Civil War Days when hard currency gradually disappeared from circulation and became scarce, unused stamps were pressed into service as small change, and street railway tickets were likewise used in lieu of money.

No doubt street railway tickets are just as interesting as stamps when you collect them.  Many of the older ones picture excellent miniature scenes in steel engraving, which were produced by some of our foremost bank note engraving firms.  Mr. Warner would like to hear from others who are interested in this field.  Don't write me, I know nothing about them.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
April 10, 1954

Posted August 18, 1999

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