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Best Known Philatelic Address

These notes are headed from 116 Nassau Street, New York, which a philatelic writer recently named as "probably the most famous philatelic address in the world."  I am afraid that it isn't.  Likely it is best known in the United States, but, if the entire world is considered, I think the most famous philatelic address would be "13 Rue Drouot,"  Paris -- Theodore Champion's offices, extensively advertised for decades all over the world.  Perhaps the runner-up, though not breathing down his neck, would be "391 Strand," Stanley Gibbons, Ltd., London.  The world is big but Champion's constant full-page ads, and his Yvert-Tellier Catalogs, penetrated everywhere.  Further, he insured his address by owning the building.
- George B. Sloane
Sloan's Column
February 12, 1955
Posted July 11, 2000

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