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Letter Carriers

Postmasters were authorized to have letter carriers for local deliveries.  The regulations regarding letter carriers were outlined in the Regulations for the Government of the Post Office Department included in Postal Laws and Regulations for the Government of the Post Office Department published in 1847 as follows:

Letter Carriers

    230.  Postmasters are authorized to have letter carriers.  They will nominate to the Postmaster General suitable persons to be employed, who are required to give bonds to the United States, to be approved by him. -- Act of July 1836, sec. 41.
    231.  When duly appointed and qualified, the postmaster may, at his risk and responsibility, place in their hands for delivery all letters received, except such as are for persons who may have lodged with him a written request to retain their letters in the office. -- Act of 1825, sec. 36.
    232.  Such carriers may charge and receive two cents for every letter and a half cent for every newspaper delivered by them. -- Act of 1825, sec. 36, also act of 1836, sec.41.
    233.  These regulations do not apply to the city of New York, and other cities, where special instructions have been given.
    234.  It is the duty of a mail carrier to receive and convey a letter, (and the money for its postage when tendered,) if delivered to him more than a mile from a post office, and to hand it, with the money if paid into the first post office at which he arrives.  A penalty of $50 attaches, on failure to do so. -- See secs. 134, 135.
    235  On letters brought by a mail carrier to be mailed, called way letters, one cent is to be charged, in addition to the usual postage, which is to be rated from the place where the carrier received the letter.  It is to be marked "Way," and one cent paid the carrier.
Posted July 1, 2000

Editor's Note:  Modern philatelists are indebted to Theron Wierenga who republished this volume in 1980.  Italics follow the original.  I haven't noted any 2¢ markings on covers which were delivered under these rates.  Can anyone point out any among the covers being offered?

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