Notes from the Past

Western Mail - Part V

Upon his arrival in Salt Lake City, the intrepid traveler Demas Barnes continued his letter reports of his harrowing journey:
There is no disguising the fact, I am not in a good humor.  Nine days and nights jolting and pounding over the most wretched of roads, arriving here ten days behind time, finding no letters, and telegraphic communication cut off for three weeks, slightly disconcert me, interferes with my arrangements, impel me onward and will cut my letters short. . .
On the 17th of July, 1865, Demas Barnes, wrote from Virginia City, Nevada:
The probabilities are that some of my letters between Denver and Salt Lake have not reached you.  The accounts of Indian barbarities back of me are frightful.  No stage has followed ours since we came through the Rocky Mountains.

The delay in receiving news, either by letter or telegraph, is very perplexing to a person as anxious to hear from home as is the subscriber.

Posted June 18, 2000

Editor's Note:  I am indebted to Wells Fargo in Colorado Territory by W. Turrentine Jackson published by the Colorado Historical Society, 1982 for the source material contained herein.

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