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Certified Mail Stamp

I think we may well assume that the recent 15 Certified Mail stamp was an issue never intended for permanency and that within a comparatively short time, perhaps a year or so, it will be discontinued as unnecessary.  It was intended only to promote public participation in a new service, "Certified Mail," a lower-priced version of registered mail but use of the stamp is not mandatory and many "Certified" letters now in the mail are franked with ordinary postage in payment of the special fee.  Now might be the time to lay in stocks of plate blocks, and mint and used copies, in the case of the last a fine opportunity for those connected with "controlled" mail.
- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
July 2, 1955

Posted August 14, 1999

Editor's Note:  Hardly a blockbuster recommendation.  A recent catalog price shows the certified mail stamp, FA1, at 40 mint and 25 used.  The plate block is $4.50.  This isn't much different from the 15 definitive (1046) of the same era with only used copies showing a better value.  Controlled mail was a source of used stamps.  The Post Office required that stamps be used on all mail -- even mail that was moved between the different offices within a company.  The stamps used on these mailings were often carefully cancelled and saved for collectors having a contact within the mailing departments.  These are generally the source of the beautiful used 1930s US commemoratives and high values one sometimes encounters.

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