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Gibbons, London, Condemns Farley Issue

Terming the issue "waste-paper." Stanley Gibbons of London, decree that the Farley imperforates will not be listed in their catalog, just as the Colonial Dominions are announcing the Silver Jubilee outfit of 176 varieties with a combined face value of well over $15 per set.  "The stamps (Farley's) have not been generally issued throughout the United States, and have therefore no standing or interest for stamp collectors," the Editor reports.  Last word from the Philatelic Agency was that sales were rapidly approaching the million dollar mark.

- George B. Sloane
Sloane's Column
May 4, 1935

Posted August 12, 1999

Editor's Note:  Gibbons did modify its stand subsequently and the Farleys are listed in my antique 1966 copy of SG.  I suspect that the Farleys survived because, as usual, most collectors follow their own whims and the stamps are very attractive.  The reprinting of the stamps was a tribute to the power of collector protests.

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