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Alfred F. Lichtenstein
Famous Philatelists Series

Alfred F. Lichtenstein (1876-1947) grew up in Brooklyn and acquired his interest in stamps while still in school.  His love of stamps continued to grow, and he became known as a philatelic student and a collector with very high condition standards.

In The Romance of Stamp Collecting, Ernest A. Kehr records that Lichtenstein's pride and joy was a Lallier album published in 1870, which he filled with the most perfect specimens that long search and great wealth could provide.  He is quoted by Kehr as saying that all stamps issued after 1870 are junk!

Lichtenstein was a noted philatelic judge and headed the 1913, 1926, and 1936 international exhibitions held in the U.S.  He was to have headed the 1947 exhibition but his death intervened.

He is listed as one of the founders of the Philatelic Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of philately.  Lichtenstein's daughter, Louise Boyd Dale, continued to build his collections which were sold after her death in 1967.

- Kenneth A. Wood
This is Philately - Volume Two G-P
Van Dahl Publications 1982
Posted May 13, 2000

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